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This new version has many bugs: -cant change the language -language is forced to iPhones language by default -accents in French are displayed as html encoding -the conference ranking is not displayed in the standings, you actually have to count yourself -in a news article, you have to push read more button to read more than a couple of lines (instead of detecting that Im scrolling down) -in a news article, the page keeps refreshing by itself after 5 seconds, and were back at the top of the article, with the read more button that we have to push to get back to where we were -in the standings, they put a scrolling deceleration, which is annoying. Let iOS manage the scrolling please -in the standing, its easy to scroll sideways without noticing it and you dont know which column is which then And thats only what Ive seen in a couple minutes. I liked the previous version and am a long time user of the app


No choice in the language to be applied to the app. Why ? Plenty of information presented except for the important ones. Too bad. New way of presenting videos and recap. This is the worst. The feel is wrong, I am still looking for the condensed format which was my favorite. You should think about the impact of your choices. This is as bad as it gets.

Total mess

Impossible to watch games now ... Well done this app was already bad and now getting worse. Fix it asap we are at a point in the season where all games matter. A frsutrated nhl tv suscriber.

Revert back to the previous version

Not a big fan of this version. Compared to the previous one, it is more complicated to easily find what you are looking for. Some pages are totally blank such as NHL (or your teams) News. Live streaming often freezes. On the latter, I experienced it in Korea with Ultra High Speed internet, the best in the world.


impossible to watch any game return to last version

Mise a jour et plus de match

A classic before the playoffs!


Gamecenter live doesnt work! À classic before playoffs! Why??

Awesome !

The latest version needs a little bit of improvement but still its a great App.

What a shame !!!

No replays ! No hightlights ! No content ta all for the free version. What a Shame and a useless app. As an European trying to follow my favorite sport. What a Downgrade compared to before !

Upgrade the french version please

As a NHL lover im happy to have an app which permit to follow the NHL seasons. But Im french and feel sad to know that we have so many contains less than the American version of the app.


Nothing in this app

Great app

Nice app and very easy to use . Just one problem very expensive to watch a game ,make it less expensive ,may be more people will pay but overall a good app

Great app for Ice Hockey and NHL fans!

So good to check every details you want, so good to watch full game live, replays or just highlight videos. I love it!

5 out of 5



After upgrade that fixed the videos issues, is perfect!! Recomended!!



Home feed

Home feed not working freezes all the time. Away feed is ok

A bust

I paid USD90 for the season and now I cant watch any game. Criminal.


As a fan of NHL in Brasil, this is the best way to know my team situation and hear the games


Im from Brazil and this app is really helpful for me, I love it, I can watch all the games I want!

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